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If you are curious about the process we take to make your carpets and floors shine, take a look at our frequently asked questions and answers.

How long will it take to clean my carpets with the 5 Star Carpet Cleaning Inc. method?

Carpets cleaned by the 5 Star Carpet Cleaning Inc. process usually dry completely in 60 minutes.  Because the 5 Star Carpet Cleaning Inc. method takes minutes to dry, compared to the hours it takes with shampoo or steam methods, furniture can easily be moved onto cleaned carpets almost immediately.  On average it takes less than an hour and a half to clean carpets in an average-sized home.


Does 5 Star Carpet Cleaning Inc. use excessive amounts of water as in steam cleaning methods?

No!  With 5 Star Carpet Cleaning Inc., your carpets will dry in minutes since the high concentration of CO2 eliminates the need for massive amounts of water that is used in the other processes.  With 5 Star Carpet Cleaning Inc., there is no threat of shrinkage, mildew, rot, or floor damage.


Will my carpets stay clean longer with 5 Star Carpet Cleaning Inc.?

Yes! Once the stains and soiled spots are removed, the solution evaporates. CO2 is the agent that releases dirt, rather than soaps or harsh chemicals, there is no sticky residue left in your carpets to attract dirt.


Can other cleaning methods hurt my carpets?

Yes! The sticky residue from shampoo never really dries. Instead, shampoo residue clings to every carpet fiber, actually attracting more dust and soil. As a result shampooed carpets need cleaning more often. "Steam and water" extraction (steam cleaning) can cause carpets to rot or grow mildew because of excessive drying time. These methods can also destroy the jute backing on fine carpets. Such flooding can damage hardwood floors beneath the carpeting, making them warp.

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